Miracle Doors Franchise

Miracle Doors has been refinishing front entry doors in Houston, Dallas and Denver for the last 8 years.


$75,100 Initial Investment

$35,000 Franchise Fee

$40,100 Initial Setup (Van, Materials, Advertising)

Low Start Up CostHigh Start Up Cost
Low OverheadHigh Overhead – Warehouse Rent, Large Truck
Single TripMultiple Trips (extra gas)
Easy to book (Customers love same day service)Lots of explaining
Mobile UnitsCentralized location (Could be far from customer)
No extra stepsMust have extra dummy doors

Are you ready to become a business owner and open the door to your financial freedom?

Miracle Doors Franchise Opportunity gives you a recession proof easy to manage concept that has been wildly successful since its inception!

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One full week of hands on training

One full week of classroom training

World class sales training

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